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Why use Clickcover for your home insurance?

We are able to offer quotations with all major insurance companies, plus the various insurers at Lloyds. Once we have the information from you a quotation can take just seconds to complete. We will ensure that we provide you with the cover you require, whilst bearing in mind that cost is a very important factor. We do feel it is important to ensure that you are aware of the covers available on the market, therefore whilst quoting you the lowest premium possible, we will also advise you of additional covers that are available, for instance accidental damage, all risks away from the home etc. The choice is naturally yours as to the cover accepted, however we feel you deserve to know all the choices available. Instant cover is available and we can offer monthly payment plans if required.

Home Insurance is basically divided into two headings, Buildings and Contents. Cover can be arranged for both under one policy or as two separate policies with different insurance companies. Although you may receive a discount for insuring both under one policy, this is not always the best course of action - some insurers offer better premiums and cover on Buildings rather than Contents and vice versa.

What happens at renewal of my policy?
We will carry out the same thorough check at each renewal, to ensure that your covers and premiums remain competitive every year. Our aim is to ensure you remain a client of ours for as long as you require insurance, therefore we complete a full re-broking exercise each year regardless of claims or changes.

What happens if I need to make a claim?
If you need to make a claim, we will ensure that this is settled as quickly and fairly as possible, by liaison with Insurers and Loss Adjusters - we do not charge for this service. Our 'express claims service' has been designed to take away the stress and worry that a claim can cause.

What covers are available?
We can offer cover for Buildings, Contents and Personal Possession in the house and worldwide, Art, Collections, Antiques, High value Jewellery; in essence anything that you consider part of your home life. We can arrange separate policies for each or a combined policy that provides all your cover under one contract, the choice is yours.

Other policy covers can include:
Money and Credit Cards, Freezer Contents, Annual Travel, Personal Accident, Bicycles, Legal Expenses, Caravans and Small Craft, specified belongings and unspecified belongings. You should check to see which of these are included in any quotation that you obtain.

Points to Note:

If your home is to be unoccupied for more than 30 days

  1. Notify your insurers
  2. Drain and turn off water at the main
  3. Ensure that the property is secure and, if possible, arrange for somebody to check on it regularly

Let or Unoccupied Properties
If you decide to let your property, notify your insurer. Some will not cover such properties; therefore it is best to approach an independent intermediary or broker such as Seico Insurance, who have specific facilities available.

Business Use of your Property
This should be notified to your insurer. There are now many special policies which can cover personal and business contents.

Sums Insured
If your sums insured are found to be inadequate, any claim payment will be reduced in direct proportion. Therefore it is essential to insure for the correct amount. Normally, mortgage valuations give a re-building sum insured and insurance companies offer guides to calculating your contents sum insured. Otherwise, professional advice should be sought.

Security / Alarm Discounts
If you take advantage of such discounts, you should note that it is a condition of cover that all protections are utilised whenever the property is unattended and at night. If you forget to lock a window, for example, cover could be null and void.

Specialist Policies
We do realise that everybody is an individual and, with this in mind, we can also offer specialist policies in the following areas:

  • High Value Household
    See also High Net Worth Home Insurance.
    Very wide covers for larger houses where the insurance is arranged with insurers who have the expertise to understand your individual needs, rather than imposing standard criteria which is often not appropriate.
    These covers and services can include: Free Annual Travel Insurance, Legal Protection, Motor Breakdown, Compensation for Violent Crime in the home, 24 Hour Home Emergency Services, Discounted Valuation Service, Home-Sitters Service.
  • Professional Sports Persons, Entertainers and those with normally excluded occupations
    We have many customers who fall into the above categories and this has enabled us to negotiate special deals, along the lines of the High Value Household covers, with a number of insurers.
  • Holiday homes - UK and Overseas
    We have facilities with insurers, who are happy to cover holiday homes, often without the insistence that they must cover your main residence. Very wide cover is available for holiday homes that are either let out or for your own family use.
  • Living Abroad
    We have facilities with insurers, who are happy to cover homes abroad. Very wide cover is available for people now living abroad and you can still benefit from using a UK insurer. Please contact the office to arrange this.
  • Clients with an adverse claims history
    We appreciate that there are cases where people are unfortunate enough to suffer a number of genuine losses. Many insurers will take the easy option and refuse to offer cover or renewal. Through no fault of their own, people may be left with no cover for their most valuable assets. Given the full case history, we can often obtain quotations, where others fail.


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